Currently emerging career option for the freshers who not much excited to go into programming but wanted to be technical is DevOps. The reason is obvious of packages but also interesting tools and excitement in the work. Lets check what is Devops and why it is so interesting.

Before jumpting into the actual work inside the Devops , lets a have basic understanding with some analogy. For suppose, you need to buy a car. Generally we go to auto showrooms and will pick the interested model and buy it. But the showrooms doesnt build the car. Lets go one level down, next will workshop. They will build the car with regular assembles and or some fittings. So Workshop is building the car >? No., the parts which are assembling here are comes from different factories. For suppose engine will come from another factory and tyres will come from another factory. Here workshop is behaving as a point where all the assemble things happening. Thats what Devops mean.

Basically I will tell you waht you dont do.,

  • You will not code the application.
  • You will not decide how application should function.
  • You will not work how to test the application.

DevOps is a process how the software is built and shipped. Its a end to end solution to software life cycle. It will tell you about how the software should built not what to.

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